Fundraising & Team Participation Fee Info

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Fundraising & Team Participation Fee Info

Post  Jane Elizabeth on Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:26 pm

Hi all,

As you know from our meetings and from the parent meeting, the student participation fee to belong to the Sinclair Sprockets is $200 per student. This is comparable to the fees for belonging to sports teams or other extracurricular activities. Participation in Sprockets team fundraisers is not optional.

As you also know, the Macmillans fundraiser was sent home in order to offset this cost for all students. 30 units of Macmillans products sold = the student participation fee covered.

The Macmillans form is due at next week's meeting. Hopefully you're all well on your way to selling your 30 units. But if you haven't managed to sell 30 by next Tuesday, here's what happens:

(30 units target - units actually sold) X $6 = the cheque to write to Sinclair Secondary School to accompany your Macmillans form.

For example, if I sold 22 units, I'm short of the target of 30 units by 8 units (30 units target - 22 units sold). 8 X $6 = $48, and I would submit my Macmillans form PLUS a cheque to Sinclair Secondary School for $48.

This ensures that everyone contributes fairly to the team, while recognizing that not all students may be able to sell 30 units of the fundraiser.

Please let your parents know about this post, so that they know the correct cheque amount, if any, to send with you next Tuesday. And please post any questions here, or have your parents contact me at!

Jane Elizabeth
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