Catapult Success

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Catapult Success

Post  Ben_A on Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:55 pm


I was at the school this evening and found a smashed light fixture. After talking to one of the students, I learned that there was success with the motor driven catapult. We have been working for several days on achieving success with the motorized catapult, mainly trying to determine the optimum gear ratio for the shooting arm.

Could someone please reply to this thread to fill in the rest of the team on what was done to achieve the success. Specifically, we am looking for the gear ratio that was used. I would like to see work continue on this critical component but because the information was not posed to the forum, the teams working tonight may be repeating work that was already completed.

Please use this forum to pass information learned during your shift, what worked and what didn't and what successes or challenges that you had.

I hope that the rest of the team feels the same way as I do.

- Ben


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