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Post  sebastianf on Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:36 am

we will need 4*34 (two for car wash two for second duplicate of pickup on bot now)+26 (top bar of pickup duplicate) +26 (i want to try a method of pushing out the ball with a motor and for the side pieces of the car wash pickup that pop out the noodle) of 1 by 1 square aluminum tubing so ~190' of 1 by 1 square aluminum tubing ->~16 feet (192 inches)

well also need 8*8 inch of 1/8 inch thick flat stock for gussets and possible screw ups (12 square inches to make mistakes) 

if we go with kens suggestion to directly drive pool noodles we'd need 1 inch diameter aluminum solid rod to connect the motor to the pvc i would say 6 inches is all we need of it (0.5 feet)

also although not mentioned pool noodles with hole in middle are needed and so is spare metal for a potential support on the other end of a gearbox shaft that powers the arm for pickup on both sides because we dont want the shaft to bend on us under load if only supported from one side (not sure if we have this already)

i now see why metal costs so much, when you see it cut up into the little bits on the robot it doesnt feel like much but like what im posting right now seems like it costs a small fortune

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