This is the plan as decided by the mentors, now made please review before any further production

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This is the plan as decided by the mentors, now made please review before any further production Empty This is the plan as decided by the mentors, now made please review before any further production

Post  chefjohn on Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:39 am

So as Lead mentor I had to make a few deciding factors. Like in the past we are starting to veer away from our main goals and ideas. So here is what is decided:

1. We will pick up to a max of 4 totes a cycle and stack them. Add one garbage can on stack with or without noodle. To achieve this goal step 2 must be completed.

2. The drive design is and will be shortened to 36". Which will require some new holes to be milled ASAP # 1 job? Period. This will allow for more space on the back of the robot if required. This is only required if we successfully stack 4 totes in front of machine.

3. The tank design will use a rear wheel direct drive which means the back wheels must be pinned to the shaft to allow direct drive. To be decided upon and approved prior to completing. The attached currently to the super shifter gear box will remain 1/2 inch round. We will look back at our other tank drive systems for final design ideas prior to completing the design of the drive.

4. The pickup high cannot exceed 48 " max. Maybe as short as 36" as originally discussed and decided.

5. We will be using the ratcheting claw format only for the inside tote pickup design. Not for the rear pickup design.

6. Pulley system to drive the pickup, pulley prevents the cable from slipping and catching someone’s fingers.

7. The track itself will consist of a bears on the outside of square 1x1 tubing.

Now before we all jump up and down either out of disappointment or joy let’s just understand why we have to agree to this.

We are off course, we do not have a current game plan 100%, we keep discussing and prototyping but nothing is completely finished. Last year 4 weeks in we were almost ready to switch drive trains. So this year this is it, this is plan #1. Complete the task of tote pickup, drive base, and then garage can pick up in that order. As the leader I have to now ask for everyone's 100 % commitment to the goals by replying "I read this and I fully and 100 % support the team and the decision of the mentors." yes we need to make decisions yes we need to have input, but until these goals are met and completed we do not discuss any other game aspects. Thanks to MS .McCrea, Ben, the other lady he brought tonight I m=forgot her name, very sorry and to the team for your support.

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