Team A Build Shift January 17 (1-5)

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Team A Build Shift January 17 (1-5) Empty Team A Build Shift January 17 (1-5)

Post  Ben Hu on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:35 pm

Drive Base Electrical:

  • Finished wiring up Talons
  • Soldered wires for Victors were put in white Source bag (Victors are for the mini-CIMs on the shooters


  • Tested pickup roller with Mini-CIM attached by collar (it worked, but had a bit too much force?)
  • Attached sprocket to pickup shaft for chain, attached sprocket on smaller motor
  • Needs chain

Sam's shooter

  • Metal pieces were assembled into two pieces
  • Slots were cut to accommodate wheel
  • One more slot needs to be cut

Need to do: (edited for clarity)

  • On the robot there is a wheel intake with a sprocket at one end; there is also a small motor with gearbox attached to the frame. Try to get them connected together using chain and sprockets¬†(chain tool may be in autoshop?).
  • If there is time, make the cut outlined by black sharpie on the bottom of the intake
  • Try to get drive base fully working, finish anything left (circuit breaker, etc)
  • Work on both shooters

Any seemingly relevant materials were put into the white Source bag
Blue and red spools of wire are in black tote labelled "Electrical" at the back bench

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