Team A Build Shift January 24 (9-1)

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Team A Build Shift January 24 (9-1) Empty Team A Build Shift January 24 (9-1)

Post  Ben Hu on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:38 pm

What got done:
- Rest of the lexan plates were mounted to the underside of the drive
- Hinges were mounted to allow for battery access
- Both shooters worked on:
- Shooter B - Shafts lathed for wheels (Slightly crooked)
- Shooter A - Bearing blocks mounted, slots made into curved lexan, and flat stock and holes planned for actual shooter
- Drive base should be ready  Very Happy

What needs to be done:
- Mount sprockets onto shaft and miniCIm for shooter B, and drill and tap hole for set screw on second wheel
- Drill holes in shooter portion of A, and tap for 10-32 (you will need to search up the drill size for this), plans on bristol board mockup
- Cut and mount flat stock onto shooter A for CIM mounting

Sorry for the mess, ran out of time for full cleanup

Ben Hu

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