January 27 Team B (6-9)

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January 27 Team B (6-9) Empty January 27 Team B (6-9)

Post  Max Yan on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:31 am

-Tested Mackinnon's Shooter (A) 
- Changed bolts for Sam's Shooter (B)
-Tested Sam's Shooter
-Made plates for second drive base
-Attached Mini-CIM to Sam's Shooter

To Do:
-Attach churro to drive base on back table (Andymark one)
-Adjust intake wheel to ease up on ball during roll-in
-Continue building the second drive base (Mount plates on, attach wheels, etc.)

REMINDER TO TEAM: Members must attend build shifts unless you have switched or if parents have intervened. Tell everyone on your team.

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January 27 Team B (6-9) Empty Added assignments

Post  chefjohn on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:56 am

To add to the list. New 8" wheels to be pilot hole drilled for rivets, 1" tread to be added only by someone who knows or has been explicitly shown. These wheels will become part of Base B. The C Rio from elevator robot to be used, the talons from Frisbee to be used on chassis B. We need to make a board for testing with PDP a switch wires with quick disconnects on them. 
We must find the other 1/2 " shafts that have been drill out to fit cims, ideally we need a coupler ( like the silver one )  that fits over both the CIM and the half " shaft. Note both designs have been ball tested. Focus on the second drive base and intake roller Design B and mount design B. Finally regardless each team needs its full # of students, we had 3 out of 6 tonight, was it really worth my time, this is your robot if you want input be there. We the team and parent mentor tonight had a lot of positive discussion, fact finding, problem solving fun. Good night Team.

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