Team F February 2 (3-6)

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Team F February 2 (3-6) Empty Team F February 2 (3-6)

Post  Ben Hu on Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:03 pm

We decided to focus on finishing shooter A while the design and some pieces for shooter B were worked on elsewhere;
What got done:
- Angle iron piece cut for going across the drive base
- Cam motor mounted to a piece, which now needs to be mounted to some angle iron (between flat stock and previously mentioned angle iron)
- New hex roller worked on, will have less compression than previous roller, needs to be lathed down for bearings now
- Pieces for B and A were milled
- Bracket mounted to pivoting part of shooter A
- Riveted tread onto wheels

What needs to be done:
- Finish mounting angle iron on the base, and for the window motor
- Finish riveting tread onto wheels
- Lathe down hex shaft (roller)
- Figure out positioning for motor, pivot, pickup for A

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