Team F (6-9) thurs. Feb 11

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Team F (6-9) thurs. Feb 11 Empty Team F (6-9) thurs. Feb 11

Post  Ayman Shaikh on Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:39 am


  • Wired speed controllers for window and shooter motors on design A

            -Mounted them
            -Soldered the pole connectors for Power Distribution Board

  • Mounted PDB on design A
  • The lexan on hinges has been cut to fit the battery on design A
  • Labeled the wiring on design B
  • Finished kick piece on design B
  • Finished bending and mounting cam piece on design B

To Do

  • The rest of the speed controllers are to be mounted on the lexan with hinges and wired
  • The pole connectors going into the PDB have to soldered and secured with heat shrink tape (look at other wires in the PDB as an example)

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