Team A February 12 (1:30-5:30)

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Team A February 12 (1:30-5:30) Empty Team A February 12 (1:30-5:30)

Post  Ben Hu on Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:33 pm

What was done on A:
- Lexan top piece made and mounted - no hinges, easy removal (4 bolts, no nuts)
- Talons and victors mounted onto lexan, then connected to PDB
- Back plate on battery case mounted
- Cut and lathed down second shaft for shooter wheels
- Resoldered wires for pickup motor, now go to motor on center of top lexan (one is screwed in, couldn't find screws for other one in time)
- Mounted voltage regulator with double-sided tape (I think)
- Cut plates to go between the wheels

To do on A:
- Mount voltage regulator with double-sided tape (if not done, don't remember)
- Mount router on top lexan between talons and victors
- CODER: mount PWMs into the cRIO
- Mount second shaft for shooter wheel
- Drill, and mount plates to go between the wheels
- Figure out how to mount encoder for end of pickup shaft
- Anything on B?

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