Team A February 15 (1-5)

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Team A February 15 (1-5) Empty Team A February 15 (1-5)

Post  Ben Hu on Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:37 pm

Only 2 people present for the shift: Jackson and I

What got done:
- Mounted electrical onto off-robot pneumatic board
- Cut and filed pieces for going across the drive sides
- Stability mounts were made out of lexan for design B; go across the top and cross each other
         - Holes in lexan are to be tapped for an 8/32 1" bolt (see previous one)
- Cut out plywood for bumpers
- Found more brackets for mounting bumpers - now at 7 out of 12 needed
- Design A was driving
- Design B had problems connecting

What needs to be done:
- Wire limiter to PDB
     - Black wire from compressor goes to PDB
     - Red wire goes to limiter, than from limiter to PDB
- Drill holes for plates, mount on drive sides
- Try to get B driving?
- Finish other side of stability mount for B
         -  Holes in lexan are to be tapped for an 8/32 1" bolt, see example

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