Team C 02/16/2016 time 6 to 9

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Team C 02/16/2016 time 6 to 9 Empty Team C 02/16/2016 time 6 to 9

Post  Muhammad Aayan on Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:05 am

We are now using the shooter on Robot B on the drive base of Robot A

• Built 4 supporting irons for drive base A
• Took Shooters out of both Robots
• Attached shooter from Robot B onto Robot A's drive base
• Started Attaching the remaining 3 plates on drive base B
• Readjusted one of the wheels on drive base B

Got Final Robot Driving and  Shooting!!!

Needs to be Done
• Copy the final Robot shooter/design ontto drive base B. Basically make a 2nd identical robot just like the final robot onto drive base B

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