Team A (3-6) Feb 23, 2016

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Team A (3-6) Feb 23, 2016 Empty Team A (3-6) Feb 23, 2016

Post  Bazsi Kadas on Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:34 pm

Hey all, I was substituting for Mohammad but here's what we finished:
-Mounted lexan structural support to secondary drive base
-painted the robot, added more coats of paint
-Worked on secondary shooter, got the frame almost done
-Made minor adjustments to the primary robot, fixed wheels, etc.

What needs work:
-everything (today is wrap-up day)
-finish secondary robot
-get secondary shooter mounted
-the electrical on secondary robot needs some work, add window motor and talon.

and that's about it!! Thanks for another great build season!
Let the games begin
Bazsi Kadas
Bazsi Kadas

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