Team A January 27 (3-6)

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Team A January 27 (3-6) Empty Team A January 27 (3-6)

Post  Ben Hu on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:37 pm

What got done: 
- How we will continue to work on both designs:
  - Design A will continue to use the current base
  - Design B will have a new rough base fitted out with the correct dimensions, to figure out dimensions, etc
- We will now be using 8" plaction wheels and a 6" front wheel
- Electrical for shooter A was mostly finished
- MiniCIMs for B were recieved, began mounting

Need to do:
- Switch CIMs in B with MiniCIMS
- Put CIMs back into drive base, make rough base for shooter B
- Mount miniCIM onto shooter A pickup
- Ask Mr. MacKinnon about shooter A for specifics on how to adjust height, intake, etc

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